The Simplified Voyage Data Recorder (S-VDR) is an intelligent device, designed based on the SOLAS amendment V/20.2, for recording and saving the voyage information and fully accordance with the IEC61996 International Standard.

S-VDR International Standard

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires in SOLAS amendment V/20.2 that the existing cargo ships, constructed before 1 July 2002, when engaged in international voyages shall be fitted with S-VDR as follows:

Cargo ships of 20,000 gross tonnage and upwards at the first drydocking after 1 July 2006 but before 1 July 2009.
Cargo ships of 3,000 gross tonnage and upwards but less than 20,000 gross tonnage at the first drydocking after 1 July 2007 but before 1 July 2010.

After more than 20 years' development, Advantech, as the constitutor and participant of the industrial computer standards, has developed as the leading brand in the international industrial computer field, become the third large engineering control enterprise and performed extraordinarily as DELL, HP and Lenovo in the civil computer field in its own engineering control field. It is more and more strictly required for the reliability of the computer in industrial and military field. The Advantech, paying attention on the developing trend of the global automation as well as the customer's demands, is trying to innovate the advanced automation technology and develop its product lines to offer excellent products and services to customers and own its worldwide reputation. Associating with the Advantech, SEALANTERN has developed the global first S-VDR product which is integrated with the audio grabber, radar grabber and 14 RS422 isolated serial ports on one board to realize the technological break for high integration, high reliability and high price-cost ratio to lead the world trend again.

standard Component
Item Type
Protective Data Capsule SLT-18-P1
PDC Junction Box SLT-18C-PJB
Recording Control Unit SLT-18C-RCU
Microphone Unit SLT-18C-MU
Alarm Panel SLT-18C-AP
Power Supply Unit SLT-18C-PU
Serial Part Junction Box SLT-18C-SJB
Optional Component
Item Type
Compass Signal Converter SLT-18C-GCU
Waterproof Microphone Unit SLT-18C-WPMU
Data Aquisition Unit SLT-18C-DAU
Speed Log Interface SLT-18C-SLU

SLT-18C S-VDR System Configuration & Functions

System Configuration:

Recording Control Unit
The host computer is applied the fanless embedded CPU from Advantech, Taiwan, data acquisition modules with internationally recognized digital format (IEC 61162 or NMEA 0183), audio process module, video data processing module, Ethernet management module and power supply management module
Alarm Unit includes:
Communication process, LCD, buzzer, audio and visual alarm confirmation, which are fully accordance with the IEC performance standard for alarm and indicator
Protective Data Capsule (PDC)
The PDC can update the data acquired from the recording control unit continuously and save the last 12 hours data automatically as well as expand its memory to 24h, 48h.

Adapt the omni direction FET Electret type; the microphones are connected to the S-VDR recording control unit through the preamplifier in a balanced transmitting way. The S-VDR software can send out the testing signal as well.

Power Supply Unit
Adapt the power isolated transformer and UPS power supply and supply to the recording control unit which is satisfied the requirement of recording separately the sounds in the bridge at least 2 hours.
Gyro Compass & Speed Log Interface (Optional)
The analog signals of the gyro compass or the pulse signals of the speed log can be converted into the standard IEC61162 data format.
Replay Device (Optional)
Re-play the data saved in the final recording medium
System Functions
Voyage Data Collection: collect the voyage status and data, record these data into the final recording medium in the protective data capsule via 14 isolated RS422 COMs.
S. N. Name Source Signal Format S-VDR Requirement
1 Date & Time GPS
IEC61162-1(ZDA) Mandatory
2 Position GPS
IEC61162-1(GNS,DTM) Mandatory
3 Speed Speed Log IEC61162-1(VBW) Mandatory
4 Heading Gyro Compass IEC61162-1and?2 (HDT) Mandatory
5 Bridge Audio Microphone   Mandatory
6 VHF Communication Audio VHF Radio   Mandatory
7 Radar Audio Radar   Replaced by AIS in case of non-COTS interface
8 AIS Data AIS IEC61162-2 (PAS101) Non-COTS radar replacement

Audio Data Collection: the audio recording of every position in and outer bridge can be realized by 1-9 microphones. Meanwhile, record the audio signals in the devices such as 1-3 VHF, commanding telephone. The responding range of the audio frequency is 150Hz ? 6000Hz.

Image Data Collection: optional with radar interface, collect the unicolor and multicolor radar images and record. Resolution: 640×350 ? 1280×1024, refresh rate: 60Hz ? 85Hz, collecting time: 15s
Data Storage: all collected data can be saved in both final recording medium and backup recording medium, which both should be provided with certain self-protection to prevent any delete or tamper on the recorded data.
Self-inspection: when the system starts running, the self-inspection starts up automatically and sends out a status indication showing if the system runs correctly. System will alarm for any abnormality.

Replay: replay the data stored in the final recording medium by the replay device. The data stored in the final recording medium and the backup recording medium can be downloaded via the internet COM and replayed by the replay device.

System Characteristics of the SLT-18C S-VDR
Associated with the world-wide famous supplier Advantech, Taiwan, with its fanless embedded CPU with long-life reliable operation under extreme sea condition
Main CPU board with 14 isolated COMS, bridge audio and radar image grabber built in
Smaller and lighter units with the low cost but equipped with the functions of VDR
Optional gyro compass and speed log interface
Microphone units: built-in testing generator, which sends out testing signals triggered by the host computer to detect if every microphone is running correctly
Stable and reliable performance: MTBF≥30,000hours, MTTR≤30minutes
One industrial computer is a S-VDR with samller unit and convenient replacement

Performance of the Protective Data Capsule (PDC)

The PDC is fully accordance with environmental test as the IEC60945 requires and the survival capability test as the IEC61996 requires. The protective capsule can ensure the data stored in the final recording medium being recovered without loss after the following circumstances:
shock: 50g semi sine wave lasting 11ms
Penetration: 250kg object with 100mm diameter cusp falling from 3m height
Fire: 260℃ fire lasting 10h as well as 1100℃ lasting 1h
Deep-sea pressure and immersion: bearable for 60MPa sea pressure   which equals to 6000m depth
Alarm Panel
The status and alarm panel is built on front panel of the recording control unit to alarm the following failure:
power supply failure
communication failure
video input failure
audio input failure
serial port data input failure
The alarm panel can be applied the remote installation customized

Dimensions of the S-VDR

Protective Data Capsule(PDC)
Recording Control Unit
Power Supply Unit

Playback Software
  As the platform of the windows, the playback software, in which the playback device is connected with the Ethernet interface of the recording control unit via the standard cable and downloads the data stored in the recording control unit or backup memory PDC, can display information and running status as well as repeat the voice of VHF and officer.

System Structure of the SLT-18C S-VDR
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